Tenindra Abeywickrama

Sydney, Australia

Welcome to my new page! I’m a researcher passionate about finding easy-to-grasp intuitions into real-world computing problems and turning them into sophisticated, well-developed, and scalable algorithms. My areas of interest are data management, graph algorithms, and data science with applications in location and map-based services.

Bio: I completed my PhD in Computer Science at Monash University under Prof. Aamir Cheema. I have previously been a Data Scientist at Grab, a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Grab-NUS AI Laboratory at the National University of Singapore, and an Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellow at CUHK. I received my bachelor’s degrees (B.Eng and B.Sc) from the University of New South Wales in Sydney.


Jul 22, 2024 The new site is online, albeit still work-in-progress! Come back soon for exiciting news!

selected publications

  1. SIGMOD Rec.
    Bipartite Matching: What to do in the Real World When Computing Assignment Costs Dominates Finding the Optimal Assignment
    Tenindra Abeywickrama, Victor Liang, and Kian-Lee Tan
    SIGMOD Record, Jun 2022
  2. VLDB2021
    Optimizing Bipartite Matching in Real-World Applications by Incremental Cost Computation
    Tenindra Abeywickrama, Victor Liang, and Kian-Lee Tan
    Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, Mar 2021
  3. ICAPS2020
    Hierarchical Graph Traversal for Aggregate k Nearest Neighbors Search in Road Networks
    Tenindra Abeywickrama, Muhammad Aamir Cheema, and Sabine Storandt
    In Proceedings of the Thirtieth International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, ICAPS 2020, Mar 2020